Perhaps a Man Can Change the Stars

Author's Biography

Bob Stearns is one of only 95 people in history to lead a company to win the prestigious National Malcolm Baldrige Award.  In 1985, he Founded and currently serves as CEO of Powerful Potential, a firm providing consulting and keynote speaking services in Leadership, Strategy, Customer Loyalty, Employee Engagement, and Process Excellence.

He has worked for the United States Department of Commerce as a Senior Examiner for the National Baldrige Award.  Bob received the American Society for Training & Development Award for Excellence in Human Resources Development.

Bob serves as a Director on the Boards of National Church Corporation and the Orchards at Foxcrest.  He has also served as a Director on the Boards of the Pa. Association of Non Profit Organizations; the Pa. Society of Association Executives; the Pa. Alliance for Performance Excellence and the Ohio Award for Excellence.

Bob writes about two very paradoxical events in his life: The first was the triumph of leading his company to win the highest business award in the country, the Malcolm Baldrige Award. Bob shares his experiences in making this happen and explains how the Baldrige philosophy enables organizations to outperform the S&P 500 by 4 to 1.

Winning the Baldrige was a significant triumph in Bob’s career, unfortunately five years later tragedy struck.  Bob’s son Eric, while in his junior year at Penn State University was in a study abroad program in Athens, Greece.   Eric was walking on the sidewalk with a classmate when a driver lost control of his car and hit him.  Eric died from his injuries.  The following evening Bob delivered a message of hope and inspiration to Eric’s classmates.  Bob has now shared this message of hope and the pursuit of personal potential with thousands of people.  Bob wrote a book about the three lessons he received from this experience, and will inspire you with them in the book and at a Perpetual Potential Event:

· Take on Tough Challenges and Never Quit!

· Focus on what you Do Have, not on what you Don’t Have.

· Change the Stars